The ALCAT Food Sensitivity Test Fits-In With Your Fitness

Most people who experienced mild eczema, fatigue, migraines, or gastrointestinal discomfort after consuming meals assumed they had a food allergy. However, food allergy tests had strict criteria that these reactions simply did not meet. Over the past 25 years, Cell Science Systems has been offering the ALCAT test as a comprehensive alternative for those who suffer from food sensitivity or intolerances.

As opposed to other food sensitivity testing such as IgG or IgE tests, the ALCAT test does not monitor antibody production. Rather, the patient's blood is exposed to a panel of over 350 different chemicals and foods, with emphasis on white blood cell reaction. In this way, not only can more potential causes be investigated, more information can be provided in the results which can help the subject determine a diet that will most benefit their health goals. Whether it is to simply discover what is causing an adverse reaction within their body, or a better way to lose weight without resorting to a fad diet, the ALCAT test has the potential to become a wonderful nutritional guide.

As more than just a food sensitivity blood test, the ALCAT program also consists of a session with a nutritional counselor, which is included, with authorization from your healthcare provider. With the right help, patients can make sense of the incredible amount of data they receive, and devise a healthy diet. The ALCAT test is recommended by over 3,000 physician offices across the United States and Canada, and our network is always expanding. For those who do not currently enjoy the benefit of living near a doctor who employs the ALCAT food sensitivity test, it is also available online for private purchase through PreviMedica. Contact us for more information on how the ALCAT test can become a part of your fit lifestyle today!


Thank you ALCAT for providing me with the nutritional tools that I need to win! ALCAT is perfect for making weight loss easy.

Sam McCoy,
Professional MMA Fighter